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How SEO Works

Rahul Gandhi CPA Explains How SEO Works

Everyone has heard the word SEO nowadays, though not everyone understands what it really is. But SEO is a very crucial part of digital media marketing nowadays. In fact, according to Rahul Gandhi CPA, a majority of marketers consider SEO to be a top marketing priority nowadays. Rahul Gandhi CPA Explains What SEO Is SEO stands for search engine optimization, where the goal is to expand how visible the company becomes on search engines through organic means. Nowadays, when anyone has any sort of question, they are very likely to simply head over to Google and look it up. Rahul Gandhi CPA explains that the chances of your website or product being one of the top results in the search depends on how well-optimized your page is for search engines because this is what will make them boost your website up to the top. This is why SEO is important. How SEO Works by Rahul Gandhi CPA As the name implies, SEO works by optimizing the content of any webpage so that the search engine recognizes it as one that customers can rely on and trust, and thus recommends your page to them. While it definitely takes some time to work, the results are often worth it. Rahul Gandhi CPA explains that search engines use rankings to determine which web pages should be displayed when… Read More »Rahul Gandhi CPA Explains How SEO Works

Artificial Intelligence

Rahul Gandhi CPA – How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used In Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence is becoming less of a bonus and more of a necessity in digital marketing as time passes by. According to Rahul Gandhi CPA, artificial intelligence is a necessary step for the future. There are plenty of ways AI can be used in digital marketing. How Artificial Intelligence is Related to Marketing by Rahul Gandhi CPA Artificial intelligence is usually associated with robots and dystopian scenarios in the far future, but AI is very commonly used in a number of things in daily life as well. In marketing, AI can be used to make some tasks that are relatively very difficult for humans in terms of complexity or tediousness easier by making the machine do it for them instead. In fact, a great number of marketing technologies and software run on AI, but you’d be surprised to find out how. According to Rahul Gandhi CPA, marketing can be made a lot more efficient and customer friendly with AI contributing to the mix, and AI also brings its ability to provide deeper insights than a human could get on their own. In fact, with the emergence of big data that is too much for humans to go through, AI does a great job of extracting patterns and information from said data, says Rahul Gandhi CPA. How AI is Used For Digital Marketing, Explained by Rahul… Read More »Rahul Gandhi CPA – How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used In Digital Marketing