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Rahul Gandhi CPA – How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used In Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is becoming less of a bonus and more of a necessity in digital marketing as time passes by. According to Rahul Gandhi CPA, artificial intelligence is a necessary step for the future. There are plenty of ways AI can be used in digital marketing.

How Artificial Intelligence is Related to Marketing by Rahul Gandhi CPA

Artificial intelligence is usually associated with robots and dystopian scenarios in the far future, but AI is very commonly used in a number of things in daily life as well. In marketing, AI can be used to make some tasks that are relatively very difficult for humans in terms of complexity or tediousness easier by making the machine do it for them instead.

In fact, a great number of marketing technologies and software run on AI, but you’d be surprised to find out how. According to Rahul Gandhi CPA, marketing can be made a lot more efficient and customer friendly with AI contributing to the mix, and AI also brings its ability to provide deeper insights than a human could get on their own.

In fact, with the emergence of big data that is too much for humans to go through, AI does a great job of extracting patterns and information from said data, says Rahul Gandhi CPA.

How AI is Used For Digital Marketing, Explained by Rahul Gandhi CPA

Content Creation & Optimization

While AI-generated content doesn’t yet have quite the same touch as human-made content, it can still do quite a lot to help improve what you do make. For example, grammar checkers, spell checkers, and other programs that read over text to make sure that they flow well and sounds natural are also AI. SEO optimizers for technical and on-page SEO are also AI.

Chatbots & Assistants

Customers can get a lot of benefit out of having someone always available to talk to about concerns, and AI can do the job quite well. By using specific pre-programmed answers and questions, any frequent concerns can be addressed without the need for human intervention, and if the need does arise, the chatbot can then bring a real person in to deal with the specific concern.


Making predictions using data is a very important field in every industry right now. Using analytical tools to determine how many customers are likely to churn based on patterns in behavior, purchase decisions etc. or even which new visitors are likely to make a purchase – all of these things are done with the help of AI. It doesn’t seem very robotic, but the machine is much better at using numbers to find patterns and insights from very large datasets that we would have missed.

Brand Connection

AI can also be used to understand what people think about a brand or company, and thus affect marketing decisions. Sentiment analysis is carried out by AI where the text on social media pages, forums etc. are analyzed to determine what customers think about a brand.

According to Rahul Gandhi CPA, if you are not using AI already nowadays in your digital marketing efforts, you are probably already quite far behind your competitors, because of how important AI has become in the field.